Công ty TNHH ABB

Established in Vietnam in 1993, ABB recently has around 900 employees working in three regions across the country to ensure the nationwide presence of the ABB brand. The Head Office and Transformer Factories are located in Hanoi, High Voltage and Medium Voltage Power Product factories are in Bac Ninh, other branch offices are in Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City.

ABB is organized into four divisions according to the customers and industries we serve which in turn are made up of specific business units focused on particular industries and product categories: Electrification Products, Robotics and Motion, Industrial Automation and Power Grids. Supporting to four business divisions, we provide full range of lifecycle services from spare parts and equipment repair, training, migration to remote monitoring and technical support. 

In each market and industry, we offer our customers a dedicated and competent team of sales, professional services and engineering expertise in support of the Group’s extensive ranges of systems and products.

Our power and distribution transformers factories are among 45 ABB transformer factories worldwide. We manufacture a wide range of transformers with capacity to 63MVA and voltage to 172kV. Being the market leader both in technology and quality, we are the largest transformers manufacturer by far in Vietnam. We are also expanding well in the export markets. Our transformers are now exported to all over Asia Pacific region, serving clients from Australia and New Zealand in the south to Japan and Korea in the north.

Through the years, ABB in Vietnam has established itself as a reliable and competent technology partner to government, private and domestic sectors and become one of the most prestigious names in power and automation technology in Vietnam.

We create and support a comprehensive range of products, systems and services that increase energy efficiency, reliability and productivity for our industrial, utility and infrastructure customers. We are committed to a long term development in Vietnam, to grow along with the development of power industry and industries of Vietnam

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